“We need to meet” is a podcast produced by the Acts of Listening Lab, Concordia University, Canada in collaboration with Leonora, Ingrid and Amanecer, three leaders of the National Association of Campesinas, Indigenous and Black Women of Colombia (ANMUCIC) who were forced to exile. It was made possible thanks to the support of the Social and Human Sciences Research Council of Canada (SHSRCC)


Luis Carlos Sotelo Castro: narration, direction and research.

  • Andrea Díaz Cardona:

    production and editing.

  • Manuela Ochoa Ronderos:

    research and field production.

  • Daniel Ruiz-Serna:

    research and fact-checking.

  • Seluna Fernández:

    graphic identity.

  • Josué Moncada:

    editorial assistant.

  • Alana De Vito:

    studio recording.

  • Laura Gallo Tapias:

    psychosocial support.

  • David Jiménez y Camilo Godoy, Rosa Records:

    Original music and sound design.

Special thanks

A special thanks to Lucía Pulido for her interpretation and musical advice. Thanks also to Nelly Velandia, Norma Villareal, Pilar Rueda, Claudia Mejía, Marta Liliana Escobar, Paula Villa, Nancy Tapias, Pilar Jiménez and the Coro a la Escucha for accompanying us during the production process.

The poem “It was necessary to meet” was written by Amanecer. The scripts were developed by Andrea Díaz Cardona and Luis Carlos Sotelo Castro.